Courtesy Mini available for when your Mini is in the Workshop

MOT time?

Available for only £45 and No re-test charges!

“Yes, here at Mini Workshop we are able to offer you an MOT for £45, saving almost £10 on the recommended MOT price of £54.95.”

Our MOT garage on site provides the MOT your Mini deserves.  With the added benefit that should your car fail, we are also able to repair it for you to get you on the road as quick as possible.

Mini Pause.

No work will ever be carried out without your explicit say so.  We will advise you and talk through any issues that prevented an MOT pass and if you wish we can show you any issues first hand.

Don’t get caught out with MOT retest charges.

The MOT garage doesn’t charge for retests so the MOT fee you pay is all you pay.  Some MOT garages can and do charge for a re-test, if you are getting an MOT elsewhere, check beforehand to ensure you won’t pay twice.

Further Mini Savings.

If you are having an MOT done the same time as a service (Inspection I or II) then we can offer the MOT at £35, saving a further £10.